EvansMDS is dedicated to finding cures for MDS by investing in the most promising, innovative and high impact research that we can find. To speed the pace of discovery, we try to streamline our funding process and actively bring researchers together to forge new lines of communication and collaboration.


Since 2011, EvansMDS has awarded approximately $90M for basic, translational, and clinical research specifically focused on MDS and AML through a combination of two-three year research grants and other funding vehicles, such as the Edward P. Evans Centers for Myelodysplastic Syndromes and the MDS Clinical Research Consortium.

Mr. Evans experience with the treatment of MDS left him dissatisfied not only with the current state of MDS therapy, but what he saw as the isolated, incremental nature of medical research. He mandated that the Foundation focus on collaborative research that had the potential to be to be transformative. Accordingly, EvansMDS prioritizes those multidisciplinary applications that combine the unique strengths of different research groups to elicit maximum impact. We aspire to be the catalyst that helps Investigators pursue those projects and might not otherwise be funded. Our goal is to allow our Investigators to develop their projects to a stage where they might attract other partners – to be the kindling that ignites the promise of future MDS therapy.

EvansMDS prefers an active funding process. We fund selected applications received in response to one of our grant calls. Please be advised that EvansMDS and The Edward P. Evans Foundation do not acknowledge unsolicited grant requests.


Funding vehicles (open)

Details for open grant calls can be found here.

Funding vehicles (completed)

  • Basic Science Research Grant 2014 (11 grants awarded)
  • MDS Clinical Research Consortium (6 clinical sites, administered by the Aplastic Anemia & Myelodysplastic Syndromes International Foundation)
  • Translational Science Research Grant 2014 (1 grant awarded)
  • University of Kentucky Regional MDS Consortium (5 individual investigators)
  • Vanderbilt University MDS Consortium (4 individual investigators)
  • Basic Science Research Grant 2015 (13 grants awarded)
  • Discovery Research Grant 2016 (6 grants awarded)
  • Translational Research Grant 2016 (1 grant awarded)

Funding vehicles (ongoing)

Please see funding information for details on our open grant calls.

New funding vehicles (under consideration)

  • None at this time